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Aquanaut Foundation for the protection of aquatic ecosystems.
1. The purpose of the Foundation is to carry out activities in the field of environmental protection,
in particular for the benefit of protection of aquatic ecosystems through education and integration of scuba diving communities in order to bio monitor and reclaim water bodies, including:
● increasing the access of divers to information on trips, courses and development opportunities for pro-ecological activities,
● supporting and implementing projects aimed at raising public awareness associated with the need to protect the resources of the water environment (rivers, lakes, seas and the oceans),
● support for enterprises operating or starting to operate the environmental activities for the diving community,
● popularization of knowledge about the aquatic environment and the need to protect it,
● supporting the cooperation of various entities in order to provide appropriate solutions related to the protection of the aquatic environment and education of underwater ecologists,
● promotion of diving and social benefits related to expanding the knowledge about the biocenosis of water bodies.
"Aquanaut Clean up Project No.1"
The project is inspired by the international movement for environmental protection “Clean up the World” originating in Australia and initiated by Ian Kiernan in 1989. Nearly 40 million volunteers from over forty countries around the world participate in this movement.
“Aquanaut Clean up Project No.1” is a joint initiative of the scuba diving community to protect the aquatic environment. Its aim is to promote the pro-ecological movement through education, raising awareness of the effects of anthropogenic pollution and activities aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the environment.
Starting time: Summer 2019 (June – September)
Cycles: weekends. The project is based on the volunteering of divers.
Area of ​​activity: Kraków along with neighboring municipalities.
Aim of the project: Urbanized areas of water reservoirs (Bagry, Zakrzówek, Kryspinów gravel, Cholerzyn).
Lectures preparing for the ecologist diver's degree.
What is the AQUANAUT Program?
Divers for divers.
Active Diver Program is our way to make sure your dives are never the same.
Gain experience, share it with others, dive in special places with people who - just like you - are looking for an adventure in each dive.
Show the beginners that diving can be like riding a bike or a walk in the park. You can dive at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and your budget!
We have created a program for divers who want to share their passion through cordiality, mutual respect and understanding of other divers, regardless of their experience.
Offer your experience, free seat in the car, knowledge of the area and advice on preparing the equipment before going for a dive.
You are a beginner, have just finished your training, the weather is fantastic and you feel like going for a dive? That's great! Add a trip, even if it means traveling only a few kilometers to the dive site. Maybe an instructor who already has an air tank for you will answer the ad.
Share the diving experience with others, collect points and exchange them for prizes from our catalog. Collect the badges - you have the right to feel awarded!
Simple steps to get you started:
1. Plan a diving trip, specifying all the necessary resources, the date and the skills required of all participants.
2. Add a trip to the portal via the "Add trip" tab
3. Now check your email carefully. Registered participants will surely count on a quick contact with you in order to specify the details.
4. After a successful trip, confirm the participation of the registered people and share the opinion about the diving experience under your advertisement.
There are many possibilities! Build awareness of the community of scuba divers of all organizations through your activity. Save money by sharing the costs, learn from each other and enjoy yourselves safely!